Senversa… we are a team of highly experienced professionals providing high-quality technical advice and services on environmental, geosciences and waste management projects across Australia.

What makes us different is the sense of connection and positive outlook of our professionals. As a company 100% owned by its employees, our professionals are fully committed to our future. Senversa's sense of shared purpose sets us apart, not only within our unique workplace, but on your projects too.

We operate across the public and private sectors with over 120 staff in offices throughout Australia. Our professionals are highly qualified and span a broad range of disciplines which gives us the ability to provide advice across a full spectrum of environmental and engineering services, as well as forming multi-disciplinary teams to deliver focussed solutions for our clients.


What makes us different

What's important to us

Senversa has created a connected and inspired workplace for environmental, geosciences and waste management professionals. Our unique culture fosters an environment for our staff to shine technically and deliver outstanding service to our clients.


Our unique culture

Senversa's work environment inspires 'connected' teams, shared vision and a positive outlook. Achieving long term staff satisfaction is key and our structure and processes encourage open communication, inclusiveness, mentoring, recognition and diversity.


What we offer clients

Senversa aims to create the best possible long term outcomes for our clients. We can apply multi-disciplinary teams to provide a cohesive approach and innovative solutions. We promise to look at your project through your eyes to see what you really need.

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Over 500 Companies Commit to Net Zero by 2030

It’s BCorp month! As a proud Bcorp, Senversa has always been driven by purpose and ethics in business.
Like many other BCorps, our commitment to the environment plays an important role in how we do business.


Our Geelong based team

Current working conditions have challenged and led our teams to get creative with how we remain connected.


Envrionment Analysts’ Business Summit 2020

Senversa’s Michael Charge will be joining a panel of industry experts to discuss their perspective on the current and future market outlook.

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Senversa attracts the highest quality professionals over a broad range of disciplines. We are accessible, honest and curious and our aim is to add value to your project.

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