Businesses in the transport, logistics and communication sector must ensure a sustainable positioning of their organisations to mitigate the environmental impact of their operations.

In 2018 the transport sector was responsible for almost half of all infrastructure construction projects including private and public sector roads, railways, ports and airports.  The telecommunications sector is also a large contributor to total infrastructure construction.

Senversa has worked with many clients in the transport and communications sector including supply chain companies, and operators of major airports, ports and railways. Our services can include environmental assessment and auditing, geotechnical engineering and risk management.


Contamination Assessment

The tenant of this site, an operational bus depot in Melbourne, received EPA Clean Up and Pollution Abatement Notices following the failure and leaking of an underground petroleum storage system (UPSS).  Senversa established the extent of remediation required and managed the excavation and removal of UPSS infrastructure and impacted soils as...
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