Historical manufacturing and industrial processes have contributed to the contamination of urban and regional sites.

The industrial and manufacturing sector has been forced to make environmentally conscious decisions including energy efficiency, waste reduction and emissions off-set to reduce the impacts on the environment and improve the bottom line.  The sector experienced its strongest annual growth in 2018  (since 2001) and despite 5 prior years of consecutive decline.

Senversa has assisted many clients in this sector to manage their environmental issues and risk exposure including car manufacturers, textile mills, chemical manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, and foundries.


Innovative Remedial Solution

Senversa is working with a commercial dry cleaning operation in Sydney, to control residual contamination from a source zone associated with a historical chlorinated solvent plume. The source zone has been successfully contained using the sustainable remediation approach of enhanced in-situ bioremediation (EISB) coupled with hydraulic containment. This is one of the largest and most successful applications of EISB in Australia and while this approach is more usually applied to dissolved phase plumes this is also one of a few successful examples of DNAPL source zone remediation globally. This approach has, in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, successfully remediated off-site contamination issues and one on-site source zone whilst allowing a commercial scale laundry to keep operating.


Environmental Auditor

Senversa’s EPA Site Contamination Auditor (SA), has been appointed to carry out the large and complex audit of risks posed to human health and the environment by contaminated groundwater from the Port Pirie Lead Smelter.


Environmental Audit

The site is nearly 40 ha with a long site history as a multinational vehicle-design and manufacturing facility. Senversa has undertaken an environmental risk-of-harm audit of the site’s complex contamination issues. The outcomes of the audit informed the development of a clean-up plan which was verified by Senversa’s environmental auditor, followed by annual verification of clean-up progress. The auditor worked with the client and their consultants to ensure all reporting met EPA’s requirements and notice deadlines.

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