Senversa combines significant depth and breadth of expertise with detailed local knowledge to deliver quality work and highly effective solutions to contaminated land projects.

Our staff are trained to the highest standards and employ the most up to date assessment and remediation techniques. Our contaminated land team is comprised of industry leading experts and Environmental Auditors with extensive experience across Australia and internationally.

We enjoy the challenge of assessing complex contaminated sites and applying multi-disciplinary skills across our teams to assess and identify potential site risks.

We can offer services including environmental site assessment, soil and groundwater remediation, property environmental due diligence, underground tank management and soil hazard categorisation.


Contaminated Land, Remediation & PFAS Services:

Environmental Site Assessments

  • Phase I and II ESAs
  • Corporate environmental risk and liability management
  • Property transaction due diligence
  • Statutory environmental audits
  • Groundwater investigation and management
  • Landfill gas assessments
  • Quantitative human health risk assessment
  • Complex hydrogeological assessment and modelling
  • Expert witness and legal support

Property Environmental Due Diligence

  • Baseline lease / purchase assessments
  • Financial liability risk assessment
  • Site risk ranking
  • Multi-disciplinary land suitability assessments

PFAS Services

  • Soil, sediment, water, biota investigations
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Detailed PFAS assessments
  • PFAS remedial strategies
  • PFAS waste management
  • Engineered containment facility design
  • Community Consultation

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

  • Planning, delivery & implementation of clean-up plans
  • Environmental and construction management planning
  • Remedial feasibility assessment
  • Remedial systems design and procurement
  • Monitoring and regulatory sign-off
  • Design and verification of containment facilities
  • In-situ treatment systems

Underground Tank Management

  • Tank removal and validation
  • Multi-site tank management programs
  • Site risk ranking and staged assessment

Soil Hazard Categorisation

  • Waste classification sampling
  • Soil management strategies
  • Fast turn-around assessments
  • PFAS and asbestos waste management solutions

Contamination advisory services

  • Regulatory compliance advice
  • Expert witness
  • Environmental data management and GIS solutions
  • Community engagement
  • Industrial Relations management


Senversa is undertaking PFAS investigation and assessment works for Norfolk Island on behalf of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (DITRDC). The preliminary site investigation was undertaken as a rapid response, with targeted water, soil and sediment assessment and management interventions immediately implemented on-island where required. A key focus of the investigation was on investigating the presence of PFAS in water on a catchment scale, and the use of this water for agricultural and domestic purposes. The project has also involved widespread and regular community liaison with local government, livestock owners, recreational users and other community groups in a unique isolated community, where the maintenance of an secure, adequate and clean water supply is of vital importance.


PFAS Investigation

Senversa was engaged to complete a comprehensive PFAS investigation (Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl substances) as well as a human health and ecological risk assessment at the RAAF Base East Sale, Victoria. This project was conducted in a complex hydrogeological and surface water receiving environment and within a rapidly evolving understanding of PFAS toxicity. The area under investigation included the base as well as privately owned agricultural land, public waterways and a nearby wetland. Senversa applied a highly-skilled multidisciplinary team of contaminated land specialists, risk assessors, hydrogeologists, ecologists, and community consultation experts to undertake this project.


Planning Documents

TransGrid’s Powering Sydney’s Future project will deliver new underground electricity cables between Potts Hill and Alexandria. Senversa was engaged to provide environmental consulting services and develop a suite of contaminated land planning documents to address the Conditions of Approval from the NSW Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment (DPIE) for the project. Senversa was the key author of the contaminated land management plan, asbestos management plan, acid sulfate soils management plan, two landfill gas management plans, the groundwater management strategy and unexpected finds protocol.


Asbestos Assessment and Remediation

Wedge and Grey Reserves, north of Perth in Western Australia, contain about 400 recreational shacks over an area exceeding 100ha. Senversa was commissioned to design and implement an asbestos assessment and undertake remediation of asbestos fragments in soils over a five-week period. Digital data capture enabled real-time evaluation of field data and resulted in an efficient and sustainable work program. Senversa sensitively managed multiple stakeholders and the project which was subject to third party review was approved by an independent auditor.


Environmental Site Assessment

The former Bradmill textile manufacturing site in Yarraville was proposed for redevelopment and required a detailed environmental assessment.  Senversa assisted the client achieve successful outcomes from environmental auditing and CUTEP determinations – and a green-light to future residential and commercial development of the site.


Risk Assessment and Remediation

The former Wollongong gasworks operated over the period between 1880s and late-1970s, leaving a legacy of gasworks wastes that have gradually been cleaned up in the years since. Senversa conducted soil, soil vapour, groundwater and surface water investigations, and remediation feasibility studies, in order to develop a remedial approach for the remaining portion of the former gasworks site. Senversa completed a human-health and ecological risk assessment, resulting in the development of site-specific threshold levels. These works helped Senversa develop a pragmatic risk-based remediation strategy documented in a Remedial Action Plan that aims to mitigate the client’s environmental liabilities and restore the site so it can be put to more productive use. Senversa is currently engaged as the validation consultant.


Environment and Climate Change Policy Development

Senversa was engaged by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) to develop an Environment and Climate Change Policy reflecting CFA’s commitment to protecting the environment. Senversa also provided advice on the management implications of adopting the Policy and actions required to support and meet the requirements. A critical component of the engagement was ensuring that the Policy aligned to the Government position and was tailored for the unique services that CFA deliver to the community. The Policy also required a quick turnaround and so we facilitated a workshop with key CFA department heads to ensure that it was realistic and reflective of CFA operations before the Policy was tabled for approval.


Senversa has also been working with the CFA on a range of other sustainability and environment services across their state-wide portfolio of assets. Services include analysing and reporting the extent of PFAS impacts from selected CFA sites and conducting ongoing monitoring as part of the next steps. This has generated a wealth of statistical information by sample point and analyte across the years of monitoring. To assist CFA and EPA interpret the data quickly, understand the trends and risk profile easily, Senversa integrated all the data into an online Portal with an interactive and easy to use dashboard. CFA then access the portal to obtain real-time information for the latest sample results in context of previous samples. This has also assisted CFA in discussions with the EPA regarding the reducing risk profile and how management controls are reducing PFAS impacts.

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