Whilst Senversa works with clients to assist them manage their environmental and engineering challenges, we are also committed to sustainable business practices within our own company.

Senversa aims to create a workplace where sustainability and the environment are highly valued, and sustainable ways of conducting business are promoted and implemented.  Senversa is committed to advancing the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) in all of our operations and we recognise that best practice principles in environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) are fundamental to our operational success.

Our key sustainability and environmental objectives include:

  • Being environmentally responsible and accountable, meeting company, customer and community expectations for a sustainable future.
  • Minimising environmental and other risks by employing sustainable practices and technologies as well as minimising any environmental lifecycle impacts from our operations.
  • Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions.

All employees and stakeholders are responsible and accountable for working together to implement sustainable practices and minimise impacts to the environment as far as practicable.  Management, under direction of the Board, is responsible for all matters related to sustainability and environment under Senversa’s control to demonstrate that sustainability is a part of our corporate culture.

Senversa aim to identify and minimise environmental risks associated with our day to day activities by:

  • Complying with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • Maintaining our ISO14001 certification.
  • Utilising natural resources responsibly.
  • Committing to the principles of Net Zero carbon emissions prior to 2030, limiting warming to 1.5°C and reducing emissions in all of our operations.
  • In order to verify our commitments, Senversa is:
    • Currently working toward independent certification and verification through recognised programs to achieve our reduction strategy.
    • Working with Carbon Neutral, Australia’s largest biodiverse reforestation offset developer, to ensure verifiable offsets.
    • Is independently certified as a BCorp, which requires ongoing review and improvement to maintain the verified high standards of environmental performance in our business operations.

Our employees are committed to sustainable practices and we have an active Sustainability Committee which is always looking at company-wide changes that can be implemented to improve our environmental performance.