From major infrastructure projects to tailored industry solutions, Senversa has an industry leading team of environmental risk management and approvals professionals.

Senversa’s Environmental Management & Approvals team thrives on providing great service to our clients, whether that’s helping to solve complex operational issues, or bringing together a multidisciplinary team to secure the right approvals.

Senversa promotes the use of robust environmental risk management practices to avoid the future costs and disruption associated with pollution incidences, contamination clean-up, or regulatory actions for non-compliance.

We also bring a long track record in delivering impact assessments and Local, State and Commonwealth approvals for private and government clients.


Approvals & Environmental Management

Impact Assessment and Approvals

  • Strategic infrastructure planning and environmental advice
  • Planning and environmental approvals (EPA Development Licences, Permits and Registrations, Works Approvals, EPBC Act referrals).
  • Co-ordination and management of multidisciplinary approvals (EES, EIS, EIA).
  • Renewable energy approvals.

Environmental and Risk Management

  • Strategic corporate audits and risk management
  • Due diligence and M&A transaction advisory
  • Environmental, sustainability and compliance advice and audits (including of major facilities)
  • EMS system development and gap analysis
  • Environmental management plans (for construction, operation and ongoing management)
  • Environmental emergency planning and response
  • Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) systems and compliance
  • Regulatory compliance registers
  • Operational risk assessment and liability management

Technical Services and Assessments

  • Industrial water use and wastewater management
  • Ecology, flora & fauna surveys and net gain assessments
  • Site contamination assessments
  • Cultural heritage surveys and approvals
  • Noise monitoring, impact assessments and modelling
  • Air quality monitoring, impact assessments and modelling
  • Stormwater and surface water quality management
  • Industrial waste and priority waste management options
  • Civil and geotechnical engineering
  • Mining and quarrying rehabilitation
  • Hazardous materials surveys
  • Natural resource management studies
  • Chemical storage and handling

Compliance Planning – new Environment Protection Act

Senversa was engaged by the Department of Transport to review its planning to date, and develop a prioritised action plan to help the organisation prepare for the commencement of the Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 (in force from July 2021). Senversa reviewed information on the Department’s responsibilities, context, stakeholders, operational issues and baseline status. Recommended actions were linked to specific duties and obligations under the new Act and prioritised based on an assessment of risk and available resources.


GIS Services

In collaboration with the Melbourne Airport Environment and Sustainability Team, Senversa designed a web-based GIS portal to house existing data and reports and allow rapid analysis and drill-down on existing data and site information. Prior to the implementation of the GIS portal,  Melbourne Airport data was located within many reports of varying quality, making it difficult to compare, interpret, evaluate and present data. The final GIS portal has allowed Melbourne Airport to readily access and export its own data to allow it to respond to requests for information quickly and accurately.  It has also provided a greater level of certainty on the current understanding of contaminated land across the estate and the identification of key sources, pathways and potential receptors.


Global Automotive Business – Environmental Management Systems

Senversa undertook an EMS and legal compliance review on behalf of a global automotive business to reflect changed operations, integrate global sustainability initiatives and prepare for the new Environment Protection Act in Victoria and an ISO14001 re-certification audit.

Senversa also developed awareness packages for Dealerships on the new EP Act, national pollution incident reporting obligations, led internal audits, and participated in strategic workshops for update of Policy statements and training needs.

We are currently advising on a fit for purpose EMS system expansion supported with data intelligence to additional operations, to achieve the Australian business’ sustainability vision.


Major Energy Generator – Risk Management and Monitoring Program (RMMP)

Senversa was engaged by a major energy generator to develop a Risk Management and Monitoring Plan (RMMP) in accordance with new EPA Victoria guidelines that was suitable for both operational use and as a public document.

Senversa reviewed numerous documents including risk registers, air emission modelling reports, pollution abatement technology assessments, hazard / near miss / incident and monitoring records, and undertook a site visit to observe operations, pollution control measures, operational controls, monitoring locations and receptors. A consolidated risk register integrating a risk minimisation so far as reasonably practicable (SFARP) assessment, risk controls and monitoring programs was compiled and validated during a series of risk workshops, and reflected in the overarching RMMP.