Senversa provides innovative and integrated ground engineering solutions for waste, soil, and water storage/retention clients across Australia.

Our professionals have extensive experience with various State regulatory and environmental auditing requirements for landfill design, construction and management.

Our professionals have collectively worked across over 150 large scale waste management sites in Australia, Asia and the USA bringing together extensive expertise in broader waste management solutions, soil repositories, landfill management (including landfill gas), and risk assessment.


Civil & Environmental Engineering Services:

  • Engineering design (liners, transfer stations, leachate collection systems, stormwater management, landfill gas)
  • Approvals and compliance
  • Environmental management (approvals and compliance, statutory environmental auditing, impact assessment, recycling and waste minimisation)
  • All aspects of landfill statutory auditing, assessment and auditor verification
  • Licensing and Closure management (cap design, monitoring bores, migration modelling, post closure abatement notices (PANs), rehabilitation)
  • Waste soils and repositories
  • Landfill gas (compliance, design and construct, carbon markets and energy, resource evaluation and extraction)

Construction Quality Assurance

Senversa is involved with the Banksia Road Landfill in Crooked Brook, and the development of a series of new pigment storage ponds. Senversa is engaged to assess compliance of the construction of the leachate pond against an approved design Specification and Construction Quality Assurance plan. This project is managed by...
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Technical Advice and Construction Quality Assurance

As part of the Cristal Cell 2 Phase 2 project, Senversa has been engaged to assess compliance of the construction of the cristal cell against an approved design Specification and Construction Quality Assurance plan. The works involved fulltime CQA supervision during the earthwork, geosynthetic liner installation, concrete pads, slurry delivery...
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