Senversa offers a range of tailored services which help you manage sustainability and climate change risks and outcomes


Our team, made up of specialist environmental and sustainability professionals, can help your business to develop and translate targets into actions that are tangible, measurable and accountable. 

Working in partnership with our broad teams of scientists, engineers, risk assessors and data intelligence specialists, we can create tools to enable you to identify, consolidate, track and monitor climate change related risks. 

We understand carbon accounting principles and can assist you in choosing the right approach for your organisation to develop your emission profile. We are certified carbon neutral for both our business operations and our consulting services under the Climate Active Standards and we have a number of Climate Active registered consultants who can assist you in your journey to becoming carbon neutral. 

Through our approach of quality and client partnering, we will work with you to embed a culture of sustainability & climate change into your organisation. 

Key Services

Sustainability & Climate Services


  • Board governance, risk identification and executive reporting
  • ESG policy & strategy development 
  • Sustainability roadmap implementation
  • Environmental liability due diligence 
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Stakeholder and community engagement 
  • Support for accreditations & reporting (ISO14001, ISCA, Bcorp, NPI)​​

Workplace Governance and Culture

  • Policies, surveys, training 
  • Supply chain and EHS management
  • Cultural assessments and strategies

Climate & Carbon 

  • Climate change risk assessments 
  • Net zero and climate adaptation strategies
  • Climate and sustainability policy development
  • Climate Active – registered consultants &  support for certification 
  • National greenhouse & energy reporting

Data Intelligence

  • Environmental data management
  • Real-time sustainability data visualisation
  • Systems and bespoke portal configuration

Circular Economy

  • Waste avoidance, reuse and resource recovery
  • Approvals & environmental management

Environment and Climate Change Policy Development

Senversa was engaged by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) to develop an Environment and Climate Change Policy reflecting CFA’s commitment to protecting the environment. Senversa also provided advice on the management implications of adopting the Policy and actions required to support and meet the requirements. A critical component of the...
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Our Services

What we offer

Our professionals are highly qualified and span a broad range of disciplines which gives us the ability to provide advice across a full spectrum of environmental, sustainability and engineering services, as well as forming multi-disciplinary teams to deliver focussed solutions for our clients

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