Senversa was engaged by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) to develop an Environment and Climate Change Policy reflecting CFA’s commitment to protecting the environment. Senversa also provided advice on the management implications of adopting the Policy and actions required to support and meet the requirements. A critical component of the engagement was ensuring that the Policy aligned to the Government position and was tailored for the unique services that CFA deliver to the community. The Policy also required a quick turnaround and so we facilitated a workshop with key CFA department heads to ensure that it was realistic and reflective of CFA operations before the Policy was tabled for approval.


Senversa has also been working with the CFA on a range of other sustainability and environment services across their state-wide portfolio of assets. Services include analysing and reporting the extent of PFAS impacts from selected CFA sites and conducting ongoing monitoring as part of the next steps. This has generated a wealth of statistical information by sample point and analyte across the years of monitoring. To assist CFA and EPA interpret the data quickly, understand the trends and risk profile easily, Senversa integrated all the data into an online Portal with an interactive and easy to use dashboard. CFA then access the portal to obtain real-time information for the latest sample results in context of previous samples. This has also assisted CFA in discussions with the EPA regarding the reducing risk profile and how management controls are reducing PFAS impacts.

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