Senversa has worked with local, State and Federal government departments to provide environmental and engineering advice targeted to public sector activities and assets.

Our clients include local councils throughout Australia and State and Federal government departments responsible for environment, energy, water, education, transport , infrastructure, defence and finance.

Senversa can assist with services to address contamination, waste, geotechnical engineering, groundwater studies, environmental auditing, risk assessment and combined geosciences.


Combined Services

State Netball & Hockey Centre, Vic

The State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville was built in 2001 as one of Australia’s premier sporting venues.  Senversa completed a geotechnical and environmental site assessment to provide clarity around environmental impacts that may have affected the proposed development and any design constraints. The initial investigation supported Development Victoria’s business case, with subsequent investigations supplementing the requirements of the architect and construction company.


Risk Assessment

Ash Residue from Mine Fires, Vic

As a result of the Hazelwood mine fire in 2014 which burned for 45 days, Senversa was engaged to conduct a series of investigations to assess levels of residual brown coal ash in roof cavities of residences in the Morwell area and surrounds.  This included community and stakeholder communications regarding the likelihood of any ongoing health risks to residents exposed to ash residue.


Environmental Site Assessment

Evaporative Ponds, Vic

This complex of evaporation ponds in rural Victoria was used by a mining company for dewatering of a nearby gold mine.  Senversa provided advice to a State government department on potential site use and remediation options for arsenic impacted sediments at the site.

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