Senversa employs twelve EPA-appointed environmental auditors, one of the largest in-house teams in Australia, with experience on over 150 environmental audits.

Our collaborative approach applies the high-level skills required to complete audits in a cost-effective manner without the need to regularly consult with external sub-consultants. Our auditors are based in offices throughout Australia and appointed by the respective regulatory authorities in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

Senversa is able to apply extensive audit expertise to best tailor assessment services for our clients and we can also undertake audit services to facilitate local authority planning requirements or to address the requirements of regulatory body statutory notices.


Environmental Auditing Services:

Statutory Auditing Services

  • Contaminated land audits
  • Audits on risk of harm to the environment
  • Landfill design and construction auditing
  • Post-closure annual landfill reviews
  • Mandatory notifications
  • Cleanup plan verification
  • Enforceable undertaking verification
  • Audit support and expert support services
  • Groundwater CUTEP submissions (Vic)
  • Wind Farm Noise Audits
  • Port SEMP Audits

Assessments Related to Auditing

  • Environmental assessments to support third party auditors
  • Contaminated site investigations
  • Remedial feasibility assessment and action plans
  • Site remediation and environment management plans
  • Independent / third party technical reviews
  • Assessing implementation of audit conditions

Environmental Audits (various)

This suburb in the south-east of Melbourne has experienced rapid and widespread urban development. Senversa has conducted around 25 separate environmental audits of sites including diverse urban fringe land uses, such as market gardens, poultry farms, nurseries, kennels, agribusiness testing sites and small rural residential landholdings.   At the completion of the audit process these sites were issued certificates or statements of environmental audit, to facilitate residential development.


Environmental Auditor

Senversa’s EPA Site Contamination Auditor (SA), has been appointed to carry out the large and complex audit of risks posed to human health and the environment by contaminated groundwater from the Port Pirie Lead Smelter.


Environmental Audit

The former Goulburn Gasworks had a significant legacy of environmental contamination resulting from the gasworks operations and waste handling on and immediately off-site along the adjacent foreshore area of the Mulwaree River. Senversa was engaged by Jemena as the independent EPA Accredited Site Auditor to confirm whether the remediation works undertaken had been implemented in accordance with the Remedial Action Plan and were sufficient to confirm that the objectives of the EPA Voluntary Management Proposal had been met. The remedial works included the construction of a 90 m low permeable barrier wall between the site and adjacent foreshore area; removal of primary tar sources; and ex-situ stabilisation of tar impacted material with powdered activated carbon. The Site Audit Reports were issued in August 2020 and site closure was reached two years following commencement of the remedial works.


Environmental Audit Services

Operations have recently recommenced at a vanadium mine in Western Australia, the site having been in care and maintenance for a number of years previously.  The site is contaminated due to a range of legacy issues including potential impacts to groundwater by sodium oxalate.  Senversa is providing audit services to oversee the resolution of these contamination issues through the production of Mandatory Auditor’s Reports and an overall assessment strategy designed to facilitate approvals and recommencement of operations.

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