The energy and petroleum sectors in Australia continue to experience change as companies work towards cleaner and more efficient operations to minimise environmental harm.

A significant amount of infrastructure construction continues in the energy sector and energy production has increased primarily as a result of increased natural gas production off-setting a fall in oil and brown coal production. Senversa assists companies in the energy and petroleum sector manage their environmental responsibilities across a range of greenfield and brownfield sites.

Our services can be applied to contamination assessment, engineering design, risk calculation, remediation and environmental monitoring for sites including power stations, gas works and service stations.


Strategic Advice

Beharra Springs is an operational gas processing facility in mid-west WA. Senversa was engaged to provide strategic advice and navigate the site through to reclassification in line with relevant legislation. Senversa completed a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) focusing on a specific data gaps agreed upon by Stakeholders, including investigation of soil and groundwater conditions beneath an evaporation pond. Senversa also prepared a Groundwater Monitoring Plan to synthesises groundwater monitoring scopes for contaminated sites and licensing purposes.


Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

Senversa, together with Ventia, provides environmental assessment and remediation services for the former gasworks site in Brompton, South Australia.  This work follows on from a detailed high-resolution remediation investigation completed in 2015 informing remediation volumes and a cost effective remediation strategy.  The investigation phase of the work won a national best practice award.


Environmental Audit

The former Goulburn Gasworks had a significant legacy of environmental contamination resulting from the gasworks operations and waste handling on and immediately off-site along the adjacent foreshore area of the Mulwaree River. Senversa was engaged by Jemena as the independent EPA Accredited Site Auditor to confirm whether the remediation works undertaken had been implemented in accordance with the Remedial Action Plan and were sufficient to confirm that the objectives of the EPA Voluntary Management Proposal had been met. The remedial works included the construction of a 90 m low permeable barrier wall between the site and adjacent foreshore area; removal of primary tar sources; and ex-situ stabilisation of tar impacted material with powdered activated carbon. The Site Audit Reports were issued in August 2020 and site closure was reached two years following commencement of the remedial works.


Risk Assessment and Remediation

The former Wollongong gasworks operated over the period between 1880s and late-1970s, leaving a legacy of gasworks wastes that have gradually been cleaned up in the years since. Senversa conducted soil, soil vapour, groundwater and surface water investigations, and remediation feasibility studies, in order to develop a remedial approach for the remaining portion of the former gasworks site. Senversa completed a human-health and ecological risk assessment, resulting in the development of site-specific threshold levels. These works helped Senversa develop a pragmatic risk-based remediation strategy documented in a Remedial Action Plan that aims to mitigate the client’s environmental liabilities and restore the site so it can be put to more productive use. Senversa is currently engaged as the validation consultant.

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