Waste generation is a function of population growth and urbanisation and Australians now produce about 50 million tonnes of waste each year.

Waste management companies are impacted by an increased commitment to recycling and reduction of waste sent to landfill.  However demand for high-cost services, such as hazardous waste disposal, results in increased industry  margins.

Senversa is able to provide environmental support throughout the waste management life cycle and can assist councils and landfill operators with planning approvals, post closure, remediation, landfill gas and energy recovery.


Remediation Strategy

The site of the Lucas Heights waste collection facility was a former shale and sandstone quarry used for the disposal of liquid waste throughout the 1970s.  Senversa has been engaged as the lead remediation consultant and is driving the site towards closure through the implementation of a CUTEP and ESD...
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Environmental Auditor

Landfills require a high level of design and management to ensure they meet EPA requirements and do not adversely impact the environment.  Senversa has provided assistance to many landfill operators in urban and regional settings.  In this instance, Senversa was responsible for the preparation of approved designs for several cells...
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