Legal, financial and insurance providers can play an important role in  supporting clients to recognise and meet their environmental responsibilities.

Australia’s legal, finance and insurance companies can support clients in the private and public sectors with issues relating to environmental  risk, responsibility and regulation.

Senversa, with our in-depth knowledge of local and national regulatory requirements, is able to assist banks, legal firms and insurers effectively represent their clients with a focussed response to environmental management issues.


Contamination Issues Review

Former Ropeworks, Vic

A global legal services firm engaged Senversa to undertake a review of contamination issues at a former ropeworks which operated for approximately 100 years, closing in the early 2000s. With redevelopment of the site likely to trigger the requirement for an environmental audit, Senversa was engaged to provide advice regarding the steps required to complete an audit as well as provide initial cost estimates to assess, manage or remediate potential contamination on the site.


Expert Witness

Former Manufacturing Plant, Edwardstown, SA

A large former manufacturing plant in Edwardstown, was subject to arbitration hearings before the South Australian Claims and Administration Tribunal. The proceedings were associated with the assessment, remediation and suitability of use for this large contaminated site. Graeme Miller of Senversa’s Adelaide office was engaged to provide expert evidence on the value and necessity of remediation activities completed at this site.

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