Our vision is to be “the most satisfying work place for quality environmental, geosciences and waste management professionals”

By attracting and retaining high quality professionals, we consistently provide our clients with effective and reliable advice.

Our clients benefit from our vision as:

  • We attract and develop high-quality professionals who provide effective and reliable advice
  • We offer continuity of knowledge and advice through high levels of staff retention
  • Our professionals have a shared purpose and focus on building strong client relationships

Our company values:

  • delivery of high quality and effective consulting advice and services to our clients
  • a commitment to creating a safe work environment
  • providing a supportive and nurturing workplace
  • open and engaging management and leadership
  • to act as a role model on sustainability, corporate social responsibility, workplace diversity, flexible working conditions and equal opportunity
  • attracting, developing, training and retaining quality professionals
  • engaged staff that feel part of a team and have a commitment to our vision
  • actively supporting and encouraging contributions to industry-wide networks and knowledge
  • sustainable growth allowing professionals to maintain an appropriate work-life balance