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We take pride in providing the industry’s best data analytics and GIS capabilities, with a focus on geo-environmental data.

We help you transform your data into insights and actions that drive your environmental performance. Our experts have domain expertise in environmental disciplines such as contaminated land or ESG services and have a deep understanding of the data we work with on a day-to-day basis.

Our services cover the entire data lifecycle, from data strategy, acquisition and management, to data analysis and visualisation, to data reporting and communication. Our services are underpinned by Portal, our innovative digital platform to easily access and manage your data from any device.

Key services

Digital services

Data Analytics

Using our deep expertise in Environmental Data Analytics, combined with exciting new technologies, we’re able to deploy the right platform to help you move your business forwards.

  • Software selection
  • Leveraging existing / historical data
  • Exploratory and advanced environmental analytics
  • Dynamic modelling for governance and communication
  • Geospatial analytics

Data Management

Our approach to Data Management focuses on the enhancement and efficiency of data practices at each stage of the data lifecycle – from the time it is created and stored, to when it is transformed and analysed, to the time it becomes obsolete and is archived or deleted.

  • Data Management Strategy
  • Data Integration & Data Engineering
  • Data Governance

Visualisation and reporting

Our approach to Visualisation is to ensure that summary graphics can identify and explain clear findings. This approach allows us to provide rapid visualisations for interpretation, through to report grade graphics and complete document automation.

  • Geospatial visualisation
  • Automated and Interactive Reporting

Portal connects advice with the information and data we collect on your projects, within a spatial context, to create a holistic digital representation of environments, assets, networks or cities.

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Melbourne Airport ESG Digital Enablement

Challenge: Senversa undertook a significant pilot initiative to address the complex Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data management and reporting challenges faced by Melbourne Airport. The existing data management process relied on spreadsheets, third party data and a number of data projects, leading to potential issues such as inconsistent data...
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Streamlining Due Diligence with the Senversa Web Portal

Client: Confidential (Multiple sites across Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa)  Overview:  Senversa was entrusted with the task of conducting a comprehensive due diligence assessment for multiple sites across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to support a confidential client's franchise expansion plans. This endeavour involved summarising intricate information...
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GIS Services

In collaboration with the Melbourne Airport Environment and Sustainability Team, Senversa designed a web-based GIS portal to house existing data and reports and allow rapid analysis and drill-down on existing data and site information. Prior to the implementation of the GIS portal,  Melbourne Airport data was located within many reports of...
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Environment and Climate Change Policy Development

Senversa was engaged by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) to develop an Environment and Climate Change Policy reflecting CFA’s commitment to protecting the environment. Senversa also provided advice on the management implications of adopting the Policy and actions required to support and meet the requirements. A critical component of the...
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