Since the gold rush of the 1850s Australia has continued its rich tradition of extracting minerals from one of the most productive continents in the world.

Australia’s mining industry has experienced one of the biggest booms in history and expenditure on exploration (both mineral and petroleum) continues to increase alongside gains in industry productivity.  Mining companies are increasingly committed to sustainable operations and responsible land rehabilitation.

Senversa is able to apply environmental and engineering solutions to mining sector projects offering a full-range of services for clients from all sectors of the mining industry.


Detailed Site Investigation

This mine workshop was established in the 1990s for fuel storage and maintenance activities and later found to be contaminated with hydrocarbon impacts in the subsurface. Senversa completed a Detailed Site Investigation for a large mining company which resolved several data gaps and assisted in a recommendation for favourable reclassification of the site.


Environmental Audit Services

Operations have recently recommenced at a vanadium mine in Western Australia, the site having been in care and maintenance for a number of years previously.  The site is contaminated due to a range of legacy issues including potential impacts to groundwater by sodium oxalate.  Senversa is providing audit services to oversee the resolution of these contamination issues through the production of Mandatory Auditor’s Reports and an overall assessment strategy designed to facilitate approvals and recommencement of operations.



Senversa was engaged to prepare and implement two remediation action plans (RAPs) entailing the consolidation and encapsulation of in excess of 400,000 m3 of legacy process by-product deposits. Supporting the Principal Contractor, Senversa undertook extensive remediation validation to inform remediation decision-making. XRF analysers and gamma meter field equipment were utilised to support progressive and expedited decision-making. Site remediation validation reports were prepared and in turn endorsed by appointed contaminated site auditors.

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