The Former Goulburn Gasworks NSW

The former Goulburn Gasworks had a significant legacy of environmental contamination resulting from the gasworks operations and waste handling on and immediately off-site along the adjacent foreshore area of the Mulwaree River. Senversa was engaged by Jemena as the independent EPA Accredited Site Auditor to confirm whether the remediation works undertaken had been implemented in accordance with the Remedial Action Plan and were sufficient to confirm that the objectives of the EPA Voluntary Management Proposal had been met. The remedial works included the construction of a 90 m low permeable barrier wall between the site and adjacent foreshore area; removal of primary tar sources; and ex-situ stabilisation of tar impacted material with powdered activated carbon. The Site Audit Reports were issued in August 2020 and site closure was reached two years following commencement of the remedial works.

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