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Statutory Environmental Audits

Environmental Auditors Senversa has one of the largest teams of environmental auditors in Australia:
Doug Ahearne (Victoria)
Vanessa Bryant (WA, QLD, ACT and NT)
Michael Charge (Victoria)
Patrick Clarke (Victoria)
Jason Clay (NSW, WA, ACT and NT)
Kristi Hanson (Victoria)
Jeremy Hogben (WA, ACT and NT)
Tony Hill (Victoria)
Graeme Miller (SA, NSW, ACT and NT)
Melissa Porter (NSW, ACT and NT)
Michael Rehfisch (Victoria)
John Piper (Victoria)

Our senior expertise and in-house collaborative approach also allows us to provide up to date knowledge on approaches to audit sites to our clients, and to provide senior input into projects where Senversa are assessors guiding a project through the audit process.

Statutory Environmental Audits
– For Planning Requirements
The most extensive use of the environmental audit system to date has been by planning authorities and the private sector to provide assurance that potentially contaminated land is suitable for its intended future use, or to advise what is required to make land suitable for its intended future use. Senversa auditors are well respected and in high demand for these services and together we operate across most Australian jurisdictions.
Statutory Environmental Audits
– Risk to the Environment
Appointed environmental auditors may be engaged by an individual or organisation from the public or private sector to provide independent, objective environmental advice.
An increasing number of audits are concerned with the risk of any possible harm to the environment caused by the set up and/or operation of industrial facilities and to recommend adequate measures to reduce the identified risks when necessary.

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