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Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation

Environmental Site Assessments Phase 1 or Phase 2 ESAs, Preliminary (PSI) and Detailed (DSI) Site Investigations – we use extensive internal and external resources, detailed local knowledge and the highest training of our staff and standards to deliver quality work and innovative solutions. We enjoy the challenge of assessing complex sites and using our multidisciplinary skills to assess and identify potential site risks.
Contaminated Soil and
Groundwater Remediation
Senversa has a proven track record in the feasibility planning, delivery and implementation of soil and groundwater cleanup plans and remedial systems. We maintain knowledge of current global expertise and trends in designing remedial solutions, the local regulatory framework, and have industry leading knowledge of remediation objectives and practicability. Senversa staff have recently completed mitigation and remedial projects for a variety of industrial and agricultural pollutants including asbestos, metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum hydrocarbons, nutrients, methane and landfill gas.
Landfill Gas Investigations Senversa has industry leading expertise in managing environmental risks within buffer zones associated with former landfills. This includes assessing actual and perceived risks associated with methane and landfill gas migration, assessing and managing vapour intrusion, the design, implementation and verification of vapour barrier and gas collection systems. More recently Senversa has expertise in planning permit requirements for assessing the presence of methane, if a property is located within a buffer zone of a former landfill site.
Soil Hazard Categorisation Senversa routinely undertakes soil sampling for waste classification purposes, in accordance with various guidelines and waste categorisation approaches. We have the capability to rapidly respond to testing requirements, interpret results and strategise optimal management approaches to surplus soils.
Acid Sulphate Soil Assessment Acid sulphate soils can commonly become problematic as a result of metal sulphides oxidising to produce sulphuric acid, potentially impacting surface and groundwater systems. Senversa routinely conducts soil investigations and implements management plans to identify and address issues.
Underground Petroleum Storage System Management Senversa has industry leading in-house expertise in the assessment, remediation, removal, and validation of underground storage tanks and related fuel infrastructure. Our staff also have leading knowledge in the classification and prioritisation of underground tank risks for clients with a large portfolio of site, and management of multi-site tank removal programs.
Environmental Management Planning Be it for short term construction projects or as part of long term in-situ management, our management plans have been readily implemented and accepted by auditors, regulators, local government authorities and land owners.


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