This March we are celebrating Women’s History Month. Women in STEM have historically been few and far between, which is why at Senversa we are so proud to be championing women within our company. Year to year we reflect and celebrate the diversity of our team – that our current national team is represented by 50% females, our board is 33% female and 55% of leadership positions are held by women. We know this is unique and is an important part of the Senversa culture and how we go about business.

This week we have been internally featuring Inspiring Women as nominated by our staff. It’s been truly inspirational to see the contributions and achievements of different women across all fields of endeavour. There are a couple of nominations that were key contributors to STEM fields and we thought we would share these:

Rachel Carson (1907-1964) – A marine biologist, author and conservationist. Her publications have been credited with enhancing the global environmental movement.

Marie Tharp (1920-2006) – A geologist and oceanographic cartographer who worked to create the first scientific map of the Atlantic Ocean floor.