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Risk Assessment

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment Human health and ecological risk assessments form a crucial part of any contaminated land investigation, as they provide a realistic assessment of potential adverse effects to human health and/or the environment based on actual site conditions. Senversa’s in-house industry leading risk assessment specialists routinely undertake site-specific risk assessments for a wide range of contaminated sites. In most cases, these assessments enable a reduction of remediation requirements, and therefore project costs.
Vapour Intrusion Risk Assessment Our in-house vapour intrusion risk assessors are actively involved in the development and application of newly emerging guidance in this quickly changing field, and have extensive experience in the assessment of vapour intrusion risks, including design and implementation of field investigations (e.g. soil-gas and sub-slab monitoring), data interpretation and vapour transport modelling. Where unacceptable vapour intrusion risks are identified, Senversa’s vapour risk assessors can work with our civil and geotechnical services and/or soil and remediation personnel to develop appropriate remediation and/or vapour mitigation measures.
Landfill Gas Monitoring and Risk Assessment Our team of landfill gas specialists undertakes both qualitative and quantitative landfill gas risk assessments, particularly for situations where development has occurred or is proposed in the vicinity of a current or former landfill. Our landfill assessment team has extensive experience in the installation and monitoring of landfill gas bores, conceptual site model development, qualitative risk assessment and quantitative gas migration modelling. With experience in developing and implementing appropriate gas management and/or mitigation measures (including venting systems, cut off walls, building protection measures).

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