Client: Confidential (Multiple sites across Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa) 


Senversa was entrusted with the task of conducting a comprehensive due diligence assessment for multiple sites across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to support a confidential client’s franchise expansion plans. This endeavour involved summarising intricate information into a format that would enable the client to make well-informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, given the diverse locations of these sites, a centralisation process was essential to bring together data from various sources, spanning multiple languages. The client required both a high-level portfolio overview and the capability to delve into specific site details as needed. 

Solution: The Due Diligence Portal 

Senversa’s Digital team configured ‘Portal’ to facilitate the desktop assessment process. The portal featured open-source datasets such as elevation, topography, flood risk, land use, nearby industrial areas, polluted/contaminated sites, geology, soil, and protected areas. To enhance the risk evaluation process, the portal included spatial analysis to determine the proximity of the site to sensitive receptors and land use types. 

Key Features: 
  • Centralised Data Review: The web portal provided assessors with access to multiple environmental and planning datasets related to the site’s vicinity, ensuring all relevant information was readily available. 
  • Supplementary Reports and Questionnaires: The portal contained links to supplementary reports and questionnaires provided by the client, enabling a comprehensive risk evaluation. 
  • Spatial Analysis: Spatial analysis tools in the portal helped identify sensitive receptors and potential risks associated with the site, contributing to the completion of a risk matrix for each site. 

The implementation of the Due Diligence Web Portal yielded significant outcomes: 

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: The portal empowered the client to make well-informed decisions regarding the purchase of the sites for franchise expansion based on comprehensive risk evaluations. 
  • Streamlined Due Diligence: The web portal streamlined the due diligence process by consolidating open-source datasets and supplementary information in one location, improving efficiency and productivity. 
  • Scalability and Transferability: The portal’s creation can be adapted and applied to future projects requiring due diligence assessments, allowing for monitoring and updating of open-source datasets as needed. 

Senversa’s Portal, configured for this Due Diligence project, provided a powerful solution for the client’s franchise expansion plans by streamlining the assessment process and facilitating comprehensive risk evaluations. The portal’s user-friendly interface, spatial analysis capabilities, and centralised data review contributed to improved decision-making, making it a valuable tool for future due diligence projects across various regions. 



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