Senversa undertook a significant pilot initiative to address the complex Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data management and reporting challenges faced by Melbourne Airport. The existing data management process relied on spreadsheets, third party data and a number of data projects, leading to potential issues such as inconsistent data entry, formula errors, and various data sets. To mitigate these challenges, the organisation sought an advanced and well-structured pilot solution to streamline ESG data capture, management, and visualisation for comprehensive analysis and reporting.


Senversa devised a digital enablement solution, leveraging the Microsoft software stack, tools the organisation already had access to. The key elements of the solution were:

  1. Proposed database structure: Recognising the limitations of a conventional master spreadsheet approach, Senversa configured Microsoft Lists to align with the ESG data categories. The data collection process for each ESG category was mapped, enabling the identification of essential data columns forming the foundation of the List.
  2. Development of the new data capture solution: To ensure streamlined and standardised data capture, Senversa crafted an intuitive PowerApps application that was integrated with the List, facilitating real-time data display and management. The List and App features included:
    1. A customisable and scalable structured data solution.
    2. Data integration with Power BI, ensuring consistent reporting capabilities.
    3. Data filtering and export functionalities for in-depth analysis.
    4. Support for attachments and comments, ensuring comprehensive audit trails.
    5. Implementation of conditional forms, empowering role-specific data entry and access controls.
  3. Configuration of POC Power BI Report: As a proof of concept, Senversa incorporated historical data into the List and PowerApps application, alongside a Power BI dashboard comprising a Summary report and a Usage report. The Summary report aggregated data into financial year totals, effectively presented through a range of interactive and visually compelling graphic representations, encompassing gauges, cards, charts, and time-series line charts.


The implementation of the APAC ESG Digital Enablement solution yielded several notable outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Data Management: The adoption of Microsoft Lists as the bedrock of the database solution significantly improved data management practices, effectively addressing the complexities and errors often associated with traditional spreadsheets.
  2. Streamlined Data Capture: The introduction of the PowerApps application facilitated consistent and efficient data entry in a single, central location, empowering personnel to contribute data based on their designated roles and access levels, ensuring enhanced accuracy and user satisfaction.
  3. Sophisticated Data Visualisation: The Power BI dashboard emerged as a potent tool, providing intuitive and interactive visualizations, thereby empowering APAM personnel to analyse ESG data comprehensively for robust reporting and informed decision-making.
  4. Scalability and Collaboration: The inherent scalability of the solution facilitated seamless expansion and collaboration with external stakeholders, thus amplifying the organisation’s collaborative potential and strategic partnerships.


Senversa’s execution of the APAC ESG Digital Enablement solution not only effectively addressed the organisation’s data management challenges but also set a new benchmark for innovative and sophisticated ESG data management practices. By expertly integrating Microsoft Lists, PowerApps, and Power BI, Senversa successfully streamlined operations and demonstrated the immense potential of digital technologies in revolutionising ESG reporting and bolstering the organisation’s overall sustainability.

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