Sustainability. Environment. Versatility.


Our Vision and Ownership

Our Vision

Senversa Pty Ltd is an Australian owned professional services firm specialising in environmental consultancy and audit services. Senversa’s vision is to be, “The most satisfying workplace for quality environmental professionals.”

By attracting and retaining high-quality professionals we consistently provide our clients with effective and reliable advice, built upon knowledge of their business objectives. Our primary aims are to:

  • Build long-term client relationships based on versatile, consistent and high-quality performance
  • Develop and retain quality young professionals, and continue to attract experienced, reputable consultants around our values and culture
  • Grow into an institutional employee-owned firm with a broad ownership base amongst our staff
  • Maintain a sustainable rate of growth to ensure high quality services are delivered to clients, whilst fostering an appropriate work-life balance for our staff


Senversa is a wholly employee-owned company. The values, culture and shared rewards associated with broad employee-ownership are central to our business.

Senversa is founded on a shareholder agreement that encourages a broad base of ownership amongst our staff and seeks to avoid concentration of ownership amongst a small proportion of shareholders. We believe all employees should have the opportunity to create and share in the success of the company through long term ownership.

The majority of Senversa’s full time staff are presently shareholders and new staff members are encouraged to become shareholders.