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About Us

Senversa is a leading environmental consulting firm with specialist scientific and engineering, project and business management skills, including EPA Appointed Environmental Auditors.

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Our Vision and Ownership

Senversa Pty Ltd is an Australian owned professional services firm specialising in environmental consultancy and audit services. Senversa’s vision is to be, “The most satisfying workplace for quality environmental professionals.” By attracting and retaining high-quality…


The workers of Senversa are the most important assets of the firm. Their health and safety at work is a core value integrated into all Senversa’s activities. All workers and Senversa’s contractors are responsible and accountable for working together to implement Senversa’s health and safety systems…

Environment and Sustainability

Senversa is committed to undertaking operations with regard to the sustainability of the environment, waste reduction, the reduction of the company carbon footprint and maintaining compliance with relevant environmental acts, regulations and legislation. At Senversa we conduct business…