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Regional Hydrogeological Studies and
Risk Assessment
Senversa routinely undertakes assessments of regional hydrogeological conditions for site risk ranking purposes. We also regularly undertake groundwater risk assessments from the perspective of resources, land use or contaminants, to support decision making, planning and audit processes.
Groundwater Resource and Quality Assessments Our senior team is experienced in the Interpretation and review of regional and hydrogeological data to assess groundwater resource capabilities. We routinely undertake hydrogeological (groundwater quality) assessments and development hydrogeological conceptual site models (CSM). Together with our partners we routinely provide excavation dewatering assessments, and reviews into the feasibility and methodology for managed aquifer recharge (MAR) options.
Groundwater Hydraulic Testing and Modelling We routinely undertake the design and implementation of aquifer testing, including slug tests and step and constant rate pumping tests, interpretation and solutions for key hydraulic parameters. We also routinely prepare fate and transport models and utilise our network of local and international expert support personnel where required for more complex modelling tasks.

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