Simon is a Senior Associate Geotechnical Engineer with over 16 years’ experience in the geotechnical and waste engineering field. His experience includes project management, site investigation, geotechnical interpretation and modelling, geotechnical design, slope stability and landslide risk assessment, commercial, residential, multistorey and mixed-use developments, due diligence assessments, geosynthetic design and application in geotechnical engineering, dams and storages, pipelines, wetlands and landfills.  Simon has design and worked on a number of landfills in the capacity of lead designer, and construction verifier and advisor for a number of landfills in Victoria. Simon’s experience with landfill is extensive with experience ranging from siting studies, works approvals and auditing (as Auditors Expert Support and Auditors Representative roles) to design and construction. Simon has specific expertise in geosynthetics and their design, specification and use in geotechnical, environmental, waste management and civil engineering projects. Simon is a GRI Certified CQA Geosynthetic and Compacted Clay Liner Inspector (GCI-ICP Certified Inspector).  Simon is also experienced in the computer modelling and analysis using a range of geotechnical software including GeoStudio, Unisettle, CPeT-IT and other proprietary software.