Senversa offers a diverse range of Geotechnical Engineering services with a team of more than 20 experienced geotechnical professionals.

We can offer services in geotechnical investigation and design, pavement design, geology, hydrogeology and ground engineering construction services.

Senversa can offer a seamless approach to projects that involve individual or combined geotechnical, environmental and hydrogeological issues including desktop and due diligence assessments, design and management of geotechnical investigations, in-situ testing, geotechnical laboratory testing and geotechnical modelling and design.


Geotechnical Engineering Services:

Geotechnical Assessment Services

  • Investigation for bridges, both road and pedestrian
  • Investigation for marinas and revetments
  • Assessment of large tank foundations
  • Wastewater lagoons and treatment facilities
  • Residential sub-divisions
  • Provision of soil/rock parameters for civil & structural engineering purposes
  • Site classification to AS2870-2011 – residential slabs & footings
  • Shallow and deep foundation design recommendations
  • Settlement predictions and analysis
  • Foundation load testing programs
  • Slope stability of embankments
  • Landslip assessment, risk analysis and remediation design
  • Engineering containment systems and remediation
  • Crane pad assessments (working platform assessments)
  • Retaining wall assessment including rock anchors
  • Dam and retarding basin assessment and design
  • Pile group and individual assessment
  • Pavement design, rehabilitation and upgrade of new and existing pavements for major and minor roads, and for warehouses and industrial properties

Ground Engineering Construction Services

  • Contract and tender preparation and evaluation
  • Construction planning and methodology advice
  • Contract management and construction evaluation
  • Footing / foundation inspections and sign off
  • Assessment and identification of construction materials
  • Earthworks inspection and testing (GITA)

Groundwater and Hydrogeology Services

  • Conceptual groundwater and hydrogeological models
  • Excavation dewatering assessments
  • Design and implementation of aquifer testing
  • Seepage analysis
  • Interpretation and solutions for key hydraulic parameters
  • Groundwater impact assessments

Geotechnical Assessment

Mount Martha North Beach, Vic

Senversa performed a geotechnical assessment to determine cliff stability and landslide risk at Mount Martha North (Balcombe Creek region) and prepared engineering designs for construction of a rock revetment.


Geotechnical Engineering Services

Pipeline Project, Vic

The South West Loddon Pipeline is located west of Bendigo and expected to be completed mid-2019. The pipeline will deliver vital water to communities and provide security of water supply as well as economic benefits to the region. Senversa has provided geotechnical engineering services for multiple pump stations and storage sites including recommendations and advice on earthquake designs, foundation systems and wet wells, plus directional drilling information for rail crossings.

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