Many sites have geotechnical, hydrogeological and soil contamination requirements or issues.

Senversa with an integrated multi–disciplinary professional team, has the ability to achieve the required outcomes whilst often applying innovations and cost reductions within the design, construction and investigation works.

Some typical costs savings that can be realised relate to the relocation of soil within roads or road embankments, design of onsite encapsulation structures, optimal remediation design, minimisation of offsite removal of contaminated soils by human health and ecological risk assessments, vapour and mitigation measures, hydraulic barriers, and sediment controls.

Senversa has a wide range of geotechnical and environmental services that can be provided as a package to meet the clients’ diverse needs including all aspects of subsurface environment, contaminated land, groundwater and geotechnical assessments.


Combined Geosciences Services:

  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Hydrogeology
  • Geology
  • Environmental science
  • Environmental engineering
  • Other combined services

Combined Services

State Netball & Hockey Centre, Vic

The State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville was built in 2001 as one of Australia’s premier sporting venues.  Senversa completed a geotechnical and environmental site assessment to provide clarity around environmental impacts that may have affected the proposed development and any design constraints. The initial investigation supported Development Victoria’s business case, with subsequent investigations supplementing the requirements of the architect and construction company.


Combined Services

Regional Rail Station, Vic

Senversa completed combined contaminated land and geotechnical assessment works to inform the proposed business-case feasibility study for mixed-use redevelopment of the station precinct. The project included successful engagement with EPA and reclassification of soils to the benefit of the client and the project.

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