Sustainability. Environment. Versatility.


Environment and Sustainability

Senversa is committed to undertaking operations with regard to the sustainability of the environment, waste reduction, the reduction of the company carbon footprint and maintaining compliance with relevant environmental acts, regulations and legislation.

At Senversa we conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner and have implemented a number of initiatives to reduce our environmental impacts including the following:

  1. Implementation of a sustainability policy.
  2. Implementation of a carbon neutral program where company-wide carbon emissions are measured, reduced wherever possible, and offset via certified VCUs.
  3. Establishment of a sustainability committee, which meets regularly to work towards our sustainability goals.
  4. Preparation of a regular internal sustainability newsletter to advise all staff of the sustainability programs being implemented at the company.
  5. Training of staff on environmental programs being implemented at the company through presentations at staff meetings, provision of newsletters and office posters.
  6. Siting of our office near public transport facilities, encouraging staff to use public transport.
  7. Provision of facilities to encourage staff cycling to work.
  8. Provision of teleconferencing and video conferencing facilities to reduce project travel requirements.
  9. Allowance of flexible working arrangements, such as working from home, to reduce travel requirements.
  10. Purchasing of office food and beverages that are grown and manufactured locally, wherever possible, in order to reduce ‘food miles’.
  11. Working towards a paperless office, and the use of 100% recycled paper or carbon neutral paper when printing is necessary.
  12. Provision of recycling facilities and composting of food waste.
  13. Implementation of field procedures to minimise the generation of waste, such as the use of re-useable equipment where possible.
  14. Purchasing of biodegradable or recycled disposable field equipment.
  15. Provision of facilities for recycling disposable field equipment, such as dedicated recycling bins for plastic groundwater monitoring tubing, bailers and filters.
  16. Minimisation of energy use, through provision of energy efficient equipment and appliances, and turning off all computers and lights when not in use.

Senversa is progressively developing and expanding its sustainability program as part of our corporate suite of programs.