The Senversa and Renewal SA team hosted an Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) tour of the former Brompton gasworks on 16 March 2021. Located in inner-city Adelaide, many of the original above and below ground gasworks structures remain – including a well preserved underground horizontal retort house. Participants on the sell-out tour appreciated the opportunity to view this significant contaminated site, and discuss some of the novel investigation approaches which have been utilised. This includes an Australian-first application of Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) TarGOST direct push drilling methods – used for detailed mapping of tar-impacted soils.
The investigations at the site have been the subject of a number of conference presentations and twice recognised at the ALGA National Excellence Awards – once as a winner and once as a finalist.

Senversa has been the appointed consultant at the Brompton site for the past six years, and is currently working on seven gasworks sites around the country. If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more about Senversa’s gasworks experience, contact Graeme Miller at